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About go big with affiliate marketing

Hi! Welcome to go big with affiliate marketing. I’m Hari.

If you are new here, thanks for visiting my virtual home.

If you are already a member of this family, I’m grateful that you are here.

I help beginner affiliate marketers get the right strategies in place so that they can achieve their dreams of becoming the affiliate marketing rock stars.

You’ll learn all about affiliate marketing, email marketing, blogging, and how you can integrate these three to achieve real success in affiliate marketing. After all, getting started with anything in life isn’t an easy game!

You’ll get the exact strategies, tips, and tricks that are evergreen.


  • Strategies and tips that stood the test of time.
  • 100 % experience based content.

Why did I start this site?

To help beginner affiliate marketers achieve big with affiliate marketing. That’s the purpose of this site.

It’s a place where I share my experiences as an affiliate marketer and help you get started in a more meaningful and successful path that you can believe in.

A little bit about me

After graduating in 2016 as an English lit, I started working in the banking industry. Though it looked interesting in the beginning, I started regretting the decision really quickly. I felt that this was the dumbest decision I’ve ever taken.

I didn’t enjoy the work at all.

So, in 2018, I quit my job and after a tedious research and spending 15 to 16 hours in front of my computer, I got my first client as a freelance writer.

From there, I’ve learned affiliate marketing and I found out what works and what doesn’t work in this particular space.

Don’t worry if you are new because we were all new kid in the building at one point in our lives. When I started, I didn’t know anything about the online world. Now, I teach you all my knowledge on affiliate marketing, email marketing, and blogging.

You’ll get there too! As an affiliate ,marketing junkie, I love talking about these three topics more.

I hope to feature you as a success story in this site!

Some fun facts about me.

  • I love vanilla cakes. Whenever I see them, I want to have it all for myself.
  • I love playing volleyball. Love smashing it!
  • In my high school, I learned keyboard and violin.
  • One day, I want to learn flute.
  • My favorite colors are blue and white.
  • I like visiting different places and seeing different cultures.
  • I am a foodie! I really, really, really! Love different varieties of food.
  • I am a chatty guy.
  • I don’t drink. I hate drinking. No judgment. Please?
  • Listening music and reading books are my favorite hobbies.

Once again, thank you for visiting my site!

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