Blog report for go big with affiliate marketing June 2020

I’ve completed my first month as a blogger, Yay!

If you are new to go big with affiliate marketing, welcome! If you aren’t  new to this blog, thank you so much for coming back!

I feel really good about what I am able to achieve in my first month as a blogger. Thank you so much my dear readers! I haven’t taken any images to show it to you, so sorry for that!

Ok, here’s the report!

When did I start this blog?

I’ve started this blog on May 15, 2020.

Although I’ve well past my first month when I write this report, I’ve actually begun my blogging journey on June 1, 2020. That’s when I launched it to the universe!

I’ve purchased my hosting from siteground on may 15 and it took me 15 days to setup my blog properly. It took me another 15 days to install the right plugins and theme for my blog and write my first post.

The stats that I show you in this blog report may look small, but these are going to serve me a perfect fuel to build this as a successful blog.

Why am I writing this report?

I am writing this report for the following reasons.

  • To inform you on my blogging journey.
  • To assess the performance of this site.
  • To take you along with me as my blog continues to grow.

Now, let’s have a look at the stats of go big with affiliate marketing for June.

Go  big with affiliate marketing June stats:

Note: I’ve calculated these metrics from June first to June 30, 2020.

There are several metrics that can be tracked. But I’ve concentrated specifically on total page views, number of sessions, sources that gives me consistent traffic, total share count for all the posts, average time spent in the site, bounce rate, new vs returning visitors, and what devices my visitors are using to navigate the blog.

These are some basic metrics that I didn’t have any problem in understanding.

So, here are the stats for June.

  • Total page views. 479.
  • Number of sessions. 261.
  • Consistent traffic source. Facebook.
  • Total share count for all my posts. 125.
  • Average time spent in the site. 1 minute 37 seconds.
  • Bounce rate. 66.67.
  • New vs returning visitors. New. 75 percent. Returning. 25 percent.
  • Device breakdown. Desktop. 49 percent. Tablet. 1 percent. Mobile. 50 percent.

Note: I’ve accumulated these stats only from Google analytics.

Stats that I am proud of:

There are several stats I can be proud of. Here’s the list.

  • Total number of sessions. (261.)
  • Total share count for all my articles. (125.)
  • Considerable amount of returning visitors to the site. (25 percent.)
  • Total page views. (479.)

Stats that can be improved:

Here are some stats that I’ll improve in the coming months.

  • Bounce rate. (66.67.)
  • Average time spent in the site. (1 minutes and 37 seconds.)
  • Total page views.
  • The number of returning visitors.
  • Number of major traffic sources. (currently only facebook.)

Things I need to understand:

Here are some areas I need to understand when it comes to tracking my website metrics.

  • Understanding to navigate through various reports provided by Google analytics.
  • Learning all about Google search console.
  • Learning various traffic sources, especially Pinterest.

Let’s discuss a little bit about my major traffic source

Most of my traffic in June came from Facebook. The blogging community on Facebook is super supportive and provided a lot of help in starting my blogging journey.

I’ve been a member of blogging newbs and Write Better, Blog Better: Writing Support for Bloggers for a long time. I’ve seen firsthand the incredible support its members offer to one another.

But, when I started my blog, I’ve truly realized how valuable being a member of those Facebook groups. They saved me from so many tech headaches and I am grateful to receive such wonderful support.

After starting my blog successfully, writing 4 in-depth posts and promoting them in various networks, I’ve landed my first guest posting opportunity!

I’ll surely update you on the outcome in my next blog report.

Other helpful Facebook groups for beginners

Here’s a list of Facebook groups that focuses particularly on helping new bloggers. This is not a definitive list. There may be so many good groups out there!

June goals

I clearly know that I should set goals to measure where I am going with my blogging journey, But I didn’t have a particular goal for June.

There are several reasons contributed to this.

  • I wanted to familiarize myself on setting up wordpress.
  • I wanted to figure out a lot of things related to content publishing.
  • I was trying to collect quality content ideas

I can say a gazillion things on why I didn’t have a goal for June. But, here’s an Important point you need to think through.

It’s ok to start without a goal. You can set it up a little later!

Goals for July

  • Total page views. 1600.
  • Number of sessions. 400.
  • Publish 4 quality blog posts.
  • Get started with Pinterest.
  • 10 Pinterest followers.
  • Create a couple of lead magnets.


That’s the end of the blog report for go big with affiliate marketing. I am going to take a break for one week from posting new articles to this blog, in order to drive traffic to the already published posts here.

Also, I want to focus on some technical SEO for my site.

In the July blog report, I’ll explain what are the technical aspects of SEO I’ve focused, how my overall traffic stats improved, what are the strategies I Implemented to improve the traffic, and so on!

So, watch out!

What do you think about this report? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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About Hari:

Hari loves writing about affiliate marketing, email marketing, and blogging for beginners. When he is not writing, you can find him actively watching tennis, or searching for the next recipe that’ll fulfill his heart.

34 thoughts on “Blog report for go big with affiliate marketing June 2020”

  1. Keep pushing! I’m new too, so this was a great way for me to see where I’m at. Groups can definitely be helpful. I think I might right my own thoughts on a month of blogging. Great work!

    1. hey TK,
      thanks for your encouraging words.
      yes, Facebook groups are absolutely helpful.
      all the very best for your blogging journey!

  2. So happy for you that you are sharing your 1st month stats, that’s incredible!

    Keep improving! And you will achieve big!

  3. That’s really great for the first month! I just crossed my one month mark of blogging too and Facebook groups have helped me boost my stats in the final week. Thanks for sharing!

    1. hey ANGELE,
      thank you so much!
      seo is a really big topic and once I have some good results, I’ll write about SEO for sure!

  4. Great job!!!! I basically just started my blog too in May and it’s definitely a great learning experience. Thank you for the tips! I feel inspired! 🙂

  5. That’s a great start for your first month! The setting up and figuring out all of the technicalities was the hardest part for me. It took me about a month to get that part done and then I launched it In January 1st. Thanks for sharing – Josie xxx

    1. hey Josie,
      thank you so much for your comment.
      I completely agree with you.
      figuring out the technicalities was a challenging part for most beginner bloggers.
      such a wonderful day to launch your blog!
      all the best for your blogg’s success!

    1. hey EKTA,
      thank you for your comment.
      every blogger’s situation is different.
      most new bloggers struggle to get views and new visitors to their blog in the initial stages.
      keep atit, and you’ll improve overtime for sure!

    1. hey DESTINY,
      thank you so much!
      seo is a vast area.
      if I need to write about SEO, surely I should know what I am talking about.
      I don’t have any plan to write about SEO before figuring out what is what for myself.
      But, hey! have a look at this website.
      you’ll find some jems for sure!
      hope it helps!

  6. Great start to blogging! You’re tracking your stats and setting goals. Enjoy the journey– thanks for sharing.

  7. I love that you’re sharing your journey because that’s exactly what it is! I wish you much success! I’ve been watching my numbers on analytics and holding myself accountable to keep doing better.

    1. hey ASAMA,
      thank you so much for your comment.
      yes. Those facebook groups are truly fantastic.
      you’ll surely find incredible value.
      please let me know your experience!

  8. Congratulations on your new blog, you have started really well! I also started a new blog about digital marketing tips a little bit over a month ago. Even if I have checked my stats regularly, your post inspired me to think about writing a similar post. 🙂

    1. hey PÄIVI ,
      thank you very much for your compliment.
      publishing a blogging report will help you to be accountable to yourself.
      when some one reads your report, it may let him/her believe that they too can achieve blogging success.
      once again, thanks for your feedback! 🙂

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