Blog report for go big with affiliate marketing October 2020

Blog report for go big with affiliate marketing 2020 - go big with affiliate marketing


If ever I wanted a true up and down month, this October is it.

So many valuable lessons both on a personal level and in my blogging journey as well.

I wanna share it all with you and without wasting any time further, let’s head right into the report!

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Where did I get this idea of writing a monthly blog report?

Although I am pretty open about my blog stats and my overall blogging business in general, I didn’t tell you where I actually got this idea of writing a monthly report for my blog.

Before starting this blog, I saw a lot of income reports. After the initial joy that I too can make money blogging one day, I dug in and   I was pretty disappointed with many of them for the following reasons.

  • 90 percent of blog income reports were inconsistent, meaning that most bloggers didn’t publish it month after month.
  • Most bloggers sounded in their income report that making money with a blog is as easy as eating a cheesecake, which I absolutely didn’t like.
  • When the blog grows to a prominent status/a go-to blog in a particular niche, some of them even stopped publishing income reports, and that is odd in my opinion.

Also, reading a blog income report that is full of it’s easy to make money with a blog kind of advice is a serious stress inducer for new bloggers.

I don’t know about you, but when I read one such report, I got a strong feeling that I have to chase after the monetary side of blogging.

So, after listening to a lot of quality bloggers, I stopped reading income reports completely and decided not to publish one in my blog.

The birth story of this blog report

In the initial stages of my blog, I wanted to write a monthly progression report where I state the statistical improvements such as email subscribers,. Total visitors, total page views, and so on.

But I had no idea on how to present the report to my readers.

After searching around some time, I found a fellow blogger who has written a fantastic third-month blogging report.

The thing that made me happy is that she was also new to the blogging scene, but has put together a detailed report that explained all aspects of her blogging journey.

I took some notes and developed my own monthly blogging report.

And that’s the birth story of this report that you are reading right now!

Why I am writing a blog report each month

Here’s a list of reasons I write this blogging report each month.

  • To inform you about my blogging journey and let you know what it takes to build a blog and an online business from zero.
  • To assess the performance of this blog.
  • To be accountable to you as well as

A special note to all my readers and subscribers

A note to my readers:

I thank you for being with me in this challenging times, encouraging and helping this blog grow through your comments, shares, and reading the posts. Without you, this blog surely would have drowned in the sea of blogging.

I am not saying this for the sake of it. There is no doubt that I am in a competitive niche, yet through your comments, shares, and engagement with the posts, you not only made this blog get indexed in Google in the very first month, you have made it rank in Google for some keywords.

From then on, there is no looking back. The blog has been steadily climbing the Google rankings ever since. So, I am forever grateful for the things you’ve done to this blog’s growth up to this point, and thank you so much!

A note for my subscribers:

Thank you very much for staying in my list. I haven’t given you any valuable freebie apart from my content, and yet you’ve decided to subscribe to my email list. You’ve been very patient with me while I figure out email marketing and stayed with me despite getting some not so good emails here and there.

So, thank you very much for every single one of you for being with me and I am planning to create a resource library that’s full of quality content. Wish me good luck and all the very best for whatever you try to get in your life! Keep going!

Things I am going to cover in this report

  • Go big with affiliate marketing stats for October.
  • A comparison between September and October stats.
  • Mistakes I made in this month as a blogger.
  • My findings as a five months old blogger.
  • Stats that I am proud of.
  • Stats that can be improved.
  • Things I need to understand.
  • A disappointing news.
  • My major traffic source.
  • Stats for my facebook page.
  • Stats for my Pinterest account.
  • My guest posts.
  • October goals result.
  • November goals.
  • My monetization wins.
  • Conclusion.

Go big with affiliate marketing stats for October

Much like the previous months, I’ve concentrated in Improving the essential stats such as total page views, number of sessions, sources that gives me consistent traffic, total share count for all my posts, average time spent in the site, bounce rate, number of total/new/returning visitors, and devices used by my visitors to navigate this blog.

Also, from July onwards, there has been a constant improvement in the performance of both my blog and my posts in Google, I am noting how many keywords I am ranking for in the current month, is there any improvement in terms of total number of ranking keywords from the previous month, where’s my average position stands with regards to all the ranking keywords in this month, where’s my blog’s average position stands in Google, and is there any improvement for the average position of my site from the previous month.

I am so happy to announce that I’ve been tracking all these stats from the very first month of my blog, and my hard work is starting to pay off in improving the Google page rankings.

Here’s the stats list of go big with affiliate marketing for October.

  • Total page views. 1197.
  • Number of sessions. 490.
  • Consistent traffic source. Facebook. (starting to get some Pinterest traffic.)
  • Total share count for all my posts. 882.
  • Average time spent in the site. 2 minutes 3 seconds.
  • Bounce rate. 44.29 percent.
  • Total/new/returning visitors. Total 327. New 269. Returning 107.
  • Device breakdown. Mobile 48.4 percent. Desktop 49.6 percent. Tablet 1.9 percent.
  • Total comments. 884.
  • Total email subscribers. 20.

Apart from these stats, I am currently ranking for more keywords in Google than the previous month, but the overall position of my site hasn’t improved, I am ranking for more keywords related to my niche, and the average positions of my already ranking keywords have improved slightly.

I told you in my previous month’s blog report that these are the key metrics that every beginner blogger need to track for the first six months of starting their blog, as it gives them a clear picture of whether they are heading in the right direction with their niche selection and if they have the potential to monetize their site down the line. Last month, this statement was an unsure thing, but this month, I am confirming that you have to track these stats to identify the above-mentioned factors and pivot to a new direction if needed.

A comparison between September and October stats

Here’s a comparison list between September and October stats.

September, October.

  • Total page views. 1228, 1197.
  • Number of sessions. 561, 490.
  • Consistent traffic source. Facebook, facebook. (starting to get some Pinterest traffic.)
  • Total share count for all my posts. 717, 882.
  • Average time spent in the site. 2 minutes 18 seconds, 2 minutes 3 seconds.
  • Bounce rate. 53.30 percent, 44.29 percent.
  • Total/new/returning visitors. Total 406. New 349. Returning 112, total 327. New 269. Returning 107.
  • Device breakdown. Mobile 49.2 percent. Desktop 49.2 percent. Tablet 1.6 percent, mobile 48.4 percent. Desktop 49.6 percent. Tablet 1.9 percent.
  • Total comments. 688, 884.
  • Total email subscribers. 13, 20.

As I said in my earlier report, the device breakdown section is uncontrollable, meaning that it’s my visitor’s choice on what device that they want to view and navigate my site. So, let’s take it out of this analysis.

Now, we can start analyzing my blog’s performance for the previous month.

Other than bounce rate, email subscribers, total comments, and share count for all my posts, every stat got a slight hit.

  • Total page views. 1197.
  • Number of sessions. 490.
  • Average time spent in the site. 2 minutes 3 seconds.
  • Total/new/returning visitors. Total 327. New 269. Returning 107.

Among all these stats, the total/new/returning visitors section got badly affected comparing to the last couple of months.

What’s the reason for the decrease in almost every section of the stats list?

As I told you earlier, it’s been pretty much a challenging month for me in terms of both my blogging as well as my personal life. In October, I was officially laid off from the company where I worked as a senior freelance content writer for the past one year.

I was pretty disappointed and couldn’t able to post anything new in my blog.

Some people may say that as a freelance writer, you should have two or three clients to tackle the unexpected.

I totally agree with them. But here’s the thing. Although I was offered a freelance content writer position, the job involved heavy research and condensing the deep technical information into easy to understand documents.

So basically, I have to put in a lot of work and I did the job with all my heart and soul. He was a monthly retainer client and I was compensated really well for my work.

But to see him fire me was a hard thing to take.

After staying in the dejected state of mind for some time, I decided to only concentrate in marketing my older posts for October.

Now, I am searching for new clients, and hopefully, I’d be able to find some new ones and I won’t repeat my earlier mistakes. And no matter how good the pay is, it’s safe to have at least three clients under your belt.

Mistakes I made in this month as a blogger.

I was inconsistent throughout October. In fact, I haven’t posted anything new in my blog. This is a mistake that I should not repeat in the future.

Even though it was a pretty hard month for me, I was able to drive some traffic to my blog, and that is actually good.

Let’s see how November turns out!

My findings as a five months old blogger

Here’s a list of things I found out as a five months old blogger.

  • Quantity is not at all important in blogging. Producing quality content is the ultimate key to success.
  • If you build your blog and your audience from scratch, make up your mind to work harder every single day. There is no easy way to grow quicker.
  • Building a community around your blog is like building a house for you.
  • There is a lot of pieces you need to put together to run a successful blog business.
  • If your readers find your content valuable, they will come back to your blog regularly for more. This is true.

Stats that I am proud of

Here’s a list of stats that I am proud of.

  • Bounce rate. 44.29 percent.
  • Returning visitors. 107.
  • Share count for all my posts. 882.
  • Total comments. 884.
  • Total email subscribers. 20.
  • Seven of my articles are doing well in Google.
  • Currently, I am ranking for 59 keywords.
  • In the last 28 days, I am starting to rank for 17 new keywords.

Although the returning users were a little less than the previous month, it didn’t reduce that much compared to all the other stats.

Stats that can be improved

Here’s a list of stats I have to improve.

  • Total number of visitors to my site.
  • Number of sessions.
  • Total page views.
  • Number of returning visitors.
  • Increasing Pinterest traffic.
  • Increasing my email subscribers.

Things I need to understand

Here’s a list of things I need to understand.

  • Technical reports of Google analytics and Google search console.
  • Basic email marketing and copywriting principles.
  • Pinterest seo and how to effectively use the platform.
  • Some basic Canva design hacks.

My apologies

In the previous month, I said that I’ll have a closer look at pdfescape and tell you all about this tool. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to use it for myself.

Hence, I wouldn’t be able to give you a clear picture of how good this tool is. Although it looks pretty nice from my first experience, I wanna give you a detailed overview of its capabilities.

So, my apologies and in my November month report, you can surely expect this!

I found a wonderful tool to convert word to pdf

Now, you can convert word to pdf/pdf to word with absolute ease. In fact, you can convert your documents from one format to another, only with a couple of clicks!

I wanted to convert my resume from word to pdf. After searching around for a quality converter that doesn’t change the formatting of my document, I came across this fabulous converter called

With this awesome tool, you just have to either drag and drop or click the choose file button and select the document you want to convert and that’s it. The conversion process will automatically start.

Within few seconds, you’ll have a professional looking pdf document without any changes in the  formatting.

Another cool feature with this converter is that there is no page limit. You can even upload a 1000 page document and get it converted in less than a minute!

The only disadvantage you have in using this converter is you can convert only two documents per day in the free version.

When you have the pro version, there is no restriction.

So check it out and let me know your feedback!

A disappointing news

Siteground is discontinuing its affiliate program for the Asia region. The reason for the decision include.

  • Poor conversion rates.
  • Too much regulation issues.

This is a disappointing news for Asian bloggers and I am particularly unhappy with the timing of the decision.

Early in the year, Amazon reduced the commission percentage and now a host deciding to stop its affiliate program for a certain region. Although it happens all the time, in my opinion, it isn’t good.

My major traffic source

I’ve finally got started with pinning on Pinterest. Yay!

I am starting to get some Pinterest traffic, but for the  fifth month in a row, facebook is my number one traffic source.

Facebook groups are consistently giving me quality traffic and I am thankful for that.

Read more: the 15 helpful facebook groups for beginner bloggers.

Thank you very much for all the bloggers who have helped me to get started in Pinterest through your tips, courses, and free Canva Pinterest templates!

Pinning on Pinterest using free Canva Pinterest templates is way more easier and up to this point, the experience is simply awesome!

Creating a design from scratch presents too many challenges. If I have to do it every time I wanted to pin on Pinterest, I surely reconsidered this platform!

Stats for my facebook page

October was the completion of the fourth month for my fb page. From the beginning, it has been growing consistently.

I am delighted with the growth of this page.

So, thank you everyone for liking and following my fb page!

You can find it here.

Here’s the stats list for go big with affiliate marketing fb page.

  • Likes. 327.
  • Follows. 351.

Stats for my Pinterest account

Here’s the stats list for my Pinterest account.

  • Pin impressions. 1.1K
  • Repin count. 23.
  • Link clicks. 6.
  • Total monthly viewers. 703.
  • Total followers. 123.

My guest posts.

This month, I haven’t reached out to any blogger and pitched a guest post. I am fully aware that networking with other bloggers is key to my success. So, I’ll take the necessary steps in this month!

October goals result

Here are the results for October.

  • Total page views. 2500. Fail!
  • Number of sessions. 1500. Fail!
  • Publish 3 quality blog posts. Fail! Although the circumstances didn’t let me do it, I should have made some time and accomplished it. But, it’s okay to not achieve the goal that’s totally in my control! I’ll get it done this month!
  • Start pinning on Pinterest. Pass! I’ve got quality results in my first month itself!
  • 100 Pinterest followers. Pass! I have 123 followers!
  • Create a couple of lead magnets. I have a clear idea of doing it! I’ll finish it this month! All the very best Hari!
  • Further improve my ranking in Google. I can’t control that entirely and since I didn’t post anything new in my blog, my ranking haven’t improved!
  • Rank for more keywords. 60+ would be nice! Fail! Currently rank for 59 keywords.

November goals

Here are my goals for November.

  • Total page views. 2000.
  • Number of sessions. 1000.
  • Publish three quality blog posts. I’ll surely do it this month!
  • Achieve quality results on Pinterest. I’ll do it!
  • 250 Pinterest followers.
  • Create a couple of lead magnets. I am absolutely ready to do it!
  • Further improve my ranking in Google. Will take necessary steps!
  • Ranking for more keywords. 65+ would be nice!
  • Total comments. 1100.
  • Total email subscribers. 50.

My monetization wins

I haven’t published any new content during last month, and I haven’t made much money. I made $ 0.42 in October.

I am progressing in the right direction!


That’s a long read! Thank you very much for reading this report till the end.

Like I said in my last month report, if you are a new blogger reading this, please don’t give up on your blog because you are not seeing any result/nobody in your family supporting your efforts/no one in your circle understanding what you are doing. Every struggle is absolutely 100 percent worth it!

Now, it’s your turn. What’s the one thing you’ve achieved in your blogging journey during October? What’s the one thing that makes you proud about your blog?

Share with me in the comments section below!

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  5. Thanks so much for the insight into your blogging. I’m so sorry it’s been such a rough month for you. Hopefully things will be looking up soon. It’s great that you’ve started this blog, hopefully it’ll lead to more work and income!

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  6. Great resource here. I appreciate the transparency and it will be fun to watch you grow! I’m 1 week in and 0.00 income so far. haha

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    As for the performance on October, you are doing a lot better than I am! Thank you for writing this post. I’m really inspired!!

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  10. Thank you for this. I am starting my 4th month and am wondering if I’m on the right track. My stats are definitely lower than yours, but it seems to be normal and I’m moving in the right direction. I made my first $.83 and that feels like a huge win. lol. I am loving becoming part of this blogging family that I never realized existed. Thank you for sharing.

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